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How can I prevent my computer from malfunctioning

How can I prevent my computer from malfunctioning

Like any machine with a huge number of components, a computer could theoretically break at any time – whether through physical or water damage, or simply because of a malfunctioning component. More often than not a computer malfunction is caused by buggy or conflicting software. The infamous blue screen of death will be familiar to any longtime Windows user. Simply put:

  • ”’Do not rely”’ on your computer as the sole repository for your data – have a backup on a removable storage medium.
  • Make sure your backup is on a secure (encrypted) medium and is kept in a different physical location (e.g. keeping your backup in the same office as the original, is not a good idea)
  • Keep handy a live USB so as to access your hard disk without having to go through the (malfunctioning) operating system

In any case, make sure you have an up-to-date backup

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