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You’re less incognito than you think.

Malicious apps, theft, spam, cyber stalking, censorship, surveillance.
There are no foolproof answers to risk online.
But there is advice to help.

I want to be protected from malicious emails

I want to be protected from malicious emails

A huge quantity of malicious content can access your computer through your email inbox. This could be annoying but harmless unsolicited advertising (spam), malicious software embedded in an attachment or within the message itself, and various types of links leading you to infected web pages. Many tools exist to protect your computer from infection but they will never be 100% effective and a lot of discretion is advised when opening or reacting to content received in an email message. To learn how to check if an email you have received is malicious, read this manual by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Also, be aware of rogue software promising to protect your computer.

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