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I want to have a private phone conversation

I want to have a private phone conversation

There is not much choice for having a private (encrypted) conversation using the cellular network. The CryptoPhone might be one of the few commercially available solutions, but both parties will need to have one for secure calls.

Android and iPhone users can rely on various tools that use a secure Voice over IP protocol or a VPN approach to encrypting your calls. You will need a steady data (Internet) connection and the same application for all conversing parties. Note that by “private” we mean conversations which are not accessible to anyone but the conversing parties.


  • LinPhone
  • Ostel, using the CSIP simple client – ”no updates since November 2014”


  • Signal for iPhone and Android
  • Bleep messenger enables encrypted calls over the peer-to-peer Bittorrent protocol
  • SilentPhone commercial solution from SilentCircle

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