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You’re less incognito than you think.

Malicious apps, theft, spam, cyber stalking, censorship, surveillance.
There are no foolproof answers to risk online.
But there is advice to help.

I want to investigate other options

I want to investigate other options

The only way to be sure that your email conversation is truly confidential is to use end-to-end encryption technology. Aside from that you would need to either:

  • Trust your email service provider. Please see To find a reliable email provider and ensure that your recipient uses the same provider, or
  • Trust the provider of an encrypted messaging service (for example, that they have properly implemented their security algorithms and are resilient from any type of 3rd party interference).

Some suggestions for encrypted messaging services built as open-source software:

  • https://peerio.com – encrypted messaging and file sharing where you don’t need to learn about GPG encryption. Required for all recipients. Cannot be used with regular email addresses.
  • https://mega.nz/ – encrypted online file storage. Mega allows you to share the file with another Mega user or externally, provided you can get the link to them securely.

You can always turn to a proprietary solution (e.g. http://www.symantec.com/desktop-email-encryption) but we cannot recommend any commercial solutions, especially those which do not disclose their code for inspection.

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