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I want to learn about secure audio and video conferencing

I want to learn about secure audio and video conferencing

Secure telephony and video conferencing on the Internet did not exist until very recently, when ZRTP, a cryptographic standard for voice over IP (VOIP) conferencing was invented by Phil Zimmerman, the same person who gave us PGP encryption for email. ZRTP offers end-to-end encryption of the conversations and has been implemented in Jitsi and Linphone. Both tools encrypt audio and video conferencing and are available for use on all common platforms.

In addition Jitsi also offers a conferencing service accessible directly from the browser, called Jitsi Meet. You can install the open source package on your own computer or use their publicly available portal at https://meet.jit.si. Note that this web service provides only transport layer security (TLS) and not end-to-end encryption as the clients mentioned above, which means that the connection is encrypted but the content is accessible to the provider.

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