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I want to prevent unauthorised access to my data

I want to prevent unauthorised access to my data

If you want to avoid that your documents are accessed by someone without your permission, you need to either encrypt them one by one (file encryption) or to store them in a secure space, which may be your computer, a storage device or just a part of them (disk encryption).

In order to create a secure space on your hard disk or storage device or encrypt the entire computer, you can use several tools:

  • Truecrypt can encrypt your entire hard disk or just a part of it, but is no longer actively maintained.
  • Truecrypt is being replaced by Veracrypt, which has been developed starting from Truecrypt’s code, but this project is very recent and doesn’t have a very large user base.
  • DiskCryptor and LibreCrypt are two other free and open source tools for disk encryption that are gaining prominence as replacements of Truecrypt.
  • BitLocker is a Windows solution (Vista and 7 Ultimate+ editions and Windows 8+) with several options for full disk or folder encryption.
  • Another popular commercial disk encryption tool is Symantec Endpoint Encryption.
  • Mac users can encrypt their disk using the built-in FileVault feature.

You can also use an encrypted file storage service like Peerio or Mega as explained in the I want to ensure that my data is never lost section. Individual files can be protected with GPG4USB.

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