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You’re less incognito than you think.

Malicious apps, theft, spam, cyber stalking, censorship, surveillance.
There are no foolproof answers to risk online.
But there is advice to help.

I would like to connect to a website securely

I would like to connect to a website securely

Connecting to a website securely means several things, all of which contribute to secure your access to the websites you visit:

Read the Better Browsing guide by RiseUp for details on how to browse with greater security in Firefox or Chrome (in general, these are the recommended browsers when discussing security).

The HTTPS Everywhere browser add-on by the Electronic Frontier Foundation ensures that you connect securely and with trusted credentials to thousands of websites.

In all cases, make sure that your computer’s operating system is up-to-date, that you are using the latest version of your browser and that you are running anti-malware protection. Install the recommended extensions from the RiseUp guide and review the How Do I Protect Myself Against Malware? guide from the EFF.

You may also wish to use an anonymity network or a VPN to reach the desired website as explained in the I want to be anonymous when browsing the web section.

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