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You’re less incognito than you think.

Malicious apps, theft, spam, cyber stalking, censorship, surveillance.
There are no foolproof answers to risk online.
But there is advice to help.

Only one of us knows how to use encryption

Only one of us knows how to use encryption

If only you or in turn the recipient knows how to use public key encryption, it’s now possible to send a secure one way message. The person with the public key pair registers an account with https://keybase.io and uploads their public key to it, creating an identity on the portal. The sender can compose an encrypted message using your online space on this portal “https://keybase.io/encrypt#username“. Keep in mind this is for one-way communication. If you would like to establish a secure channel with your recipients, please read I want to learn about encrypting email. If you would like to investigate other options of securing your messages, please go to I want to investigate other options.

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