On Privacy and Site Use

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We believe people have the right to read and interact with our platforms anonymously.

What does that mean?

The pages for each category offer users an opportunity to let us know whether or not the page was helpful. You do not have to share any identifying information with us. Our servers automatically scrub certain logs to help ensure traces of your visit remain anonymous on our equipment. However, systems are never perfect. Consider reading more about browsing the web and taking control of your own anonymity while online.

What information does this site collect?

We collect only aggregate-level analytics to help us assess the performance of our website. Malicious users actively attempting to disrupt our servers, or attempting to capture information about other users, are investigated to the best of our ability. The Digital Public Square project does have a mailing list. If you choose, you can share your email address with us to hear more about our work.

If I follow the advice shared on this site, can I assume I’m safe online?

No. There are no foolproof answers. Technology changes. Malicious actors find new ways to disrupt and harm users online. Hygiene in the Digital Public Square is a collection of suggestions, best practices, and useful tools compiled with the help of digital security experts at eQualit.ie. We use this information to help us protect ourselves, but we cannot assume any of your risk online or offline when you use it.

Please use at your discretion.